Sports are a great way to be active, cultivate a hobby, and enjoy time with others. Sports have many positive effects on your overall health, but sports can also be very detrimental to your health if they lead to injury. Learning how to effectively deal with a sports injury can help relieve pain and get you back to what you love faster.

Take a Break

As soon as you experience an unexpected pain or injury while doing a sport, you should immediately take a break. Putting more pressure on the injury can only make it worse and less likely to heal properly. Furthermore, compensating for your injury by adjusting your body—like shifting your weight to the other foot if one foot is hurting—can lead to more injury due to imbalance or improper alignment in your body.  

Consider Seeing a Chiropractor 

While some sports injuries can be helped by simply taking pressure off, using an ice or heating pack, or by elevation, other injuries require more to heal properly. More serious injuries, especially ones that compromise deeper muscle tissue or throw off proper alignment in your body, can be very painful. These types of injuries are more common in high-contact sports involving a lot of collision, tackling, or throwing. You may want to consider seeing a chiropractor for these more serious injuries.  

Prevent Further Injury

Dealing with sports injuries is not fun. As much as possible, you want to prevent further injury so that you can keep playing the sports you love without pain. Think about the different conditions when you received your sports injury. Were you playing in a different environment? Did bad weather contribute to your injury? What was your diet like at the time? Which parts of your body are weakest and need to be strengthened? Once you narrow down what factored into your injury, try your best to avoid or improve those things.  

It is important to always listen to your body, especially when you are doing sports. If you are feeling exhausted or not up to playing in any manner, consider sitting out for a game or round. This can help prevent some painful injuries, but in the case that you do get injured anyway, immediately take a break and work on healing and strengthening your body.

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