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Learn about our new patient process and how we help you heal.

Our Process

3 Phases of Recovery Guide You to a Pain-Free Future

When you work with our team at Tigard Chiropractic & Auto Injury, we address your injury or ailment in a straightforward, step-by-step process. Everyone’s pathway to recovery looks a little different, so you may spend more time in one phase than another, depending on your injury and goals.

We always start with an initial consultation. You can fill out your intake paperwork online before your appointment or in person when you arrive. At your first appointment, you will discuss your health history with your chiropractor and go through a physical examination. Then, you and your chiropractor will determine if you make a good team.

If you pursue treatment, our three phases guide your recovery.

Phases of Recovery

1 – Relief

This first stage addresses your primary complaint or injury. You will work with your chiropractor to reduce inflammation and acute pain. Your acute pain is managed using chiropractic adjustments and other manual techniques such as heat, massage therapy, electro-modality, and traction.

2 – Restore

In the restore stage, we work to create healthy, long-term habits. Chiropractic adjustments in this phase may address other parts of the body. A reduction in treatment frequency is common during the restore phase. You will start rehab exercises to improve functionality.

3 – Rehab

The final phase of treatment brings together restored body movement and strength. With this phase, you take your recovery into your own hands with passive measures and active recovery measures. You may further reduce your adjustment frequency at this time while you focus on long-term recovery and at-home exercises.

Passive & Active Rehabilitation

Two Modes of Rehabilitation for a Smooth Recovery

During the rehabilitation phase of treatment, you will undergo two types of rehab — passive and active. When using these modalities in close conjunction with one another, you are more likely to experience long term pain relief.

Passive: With passive rehabilitation, you engage in practices like chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, electric stimulation, and other modalities that don’t require you to “do anything” other than allow someone to work on your joints or muscles.

Active: With active rehabilitation, you take your recovery into your own hands. This is where patients see the most gain in terms of long term recovery. Active rehabilitation includes implementing lifestyle changes with diet, posture, or working conditions, as well as following at-home exercise plans, work out plans, and other guidelines that ensure you continue to heal properly.

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Massage Therapy

The Perfect Companion to Chiropractic Care

At Tigard Chiropractic & Auto Injury, we take a holistic and comprehensive approach to your healing. We rely on many different methods, techniques, and bodywork professionals to give you the best chance to return to pain-free living. We work closely with professional massage therapists and incorporate massage sessions into your recovery plan.

Learn more about our massage therapy services by following the link below.


Your Visits May Be Fully or Partially Covered by Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

Before your appointment or when you arrive for your initial consultation, your insurance is checked. We work with all major chiropractic insurances. The cost of your chiropractic care will depend on the type of insurance coverage you have. We’ll work with you to clarify coverage and make sure you know of any out-of-pocket costs upfront.

Auto Accident Insurance

According to Oregon law, if you are seeking chiropractic care after an auto accident, all of your chiropractic care and massage visits are covered through your Oregon vehicle insurance. Learn more on our Chiropractic for Auto Injury page.

Worker’s Comp Insurance

We also accept worker’s comp insurance claims. If you were recently injured on the job and are seeking proactive and holistic care for your injuries, get in touch with our team.

To learn more about how we work with your insurance, give us a call at (503) 489-7278.