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Chiropractic Care for Workplace Injuries in Tigard, OR

Many people are surprised to learn that the majority of work injuries in the Tigard area do not occur as the result of serious accidents. The truth is that most injuries in the workplace happen from overuse injuries, which should concern all of us because this means that sustaining a workplace injury isn’t a matter of if but when.

The great news is that repetitive injuries can be predicted and prevented with proactive chiropractic care. Repetitive stress is the most common of all the risk factors associated with work injuries. Whether it’s hunched shoulders while typing emails or twisting while moving heavy objects, usually the tasks seem normal, but when performs consistently using poor posture, they can create big problems over time.

Of course, some of us are not so lucky to only have minor injuries take place overtime at work. There are those of us who experience the random unfortunate accident that sends us to the hospital and leaves us dealing with the reality of pain and rehabilitation. If you’ve been injured seriously in a workplace accident, Tigard Chiropractic can help access your injuries and help adjust your body to reduce pain and promote a faster recovery.

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Non Impact Injuries

We can help with injuries that resulted from excessive physical effort directed at an outside source; common activities include lifting, pushing, turning, holding, carrying, or throwing.

Repetitive Motion

Often referred to as micro-tasks. These injuries are a result of stress or strain on some part of the body due to the repetitive nature of the task, typically without strenuous effort such as heavy lifting. A great example of this type of injury is computer work. For most of us, good posture is subtly replaced by comfort, such as crossing our legs, and over time this leads to back pain, neck pain, headaches or migraines, and a variety of other conditions that Tigard Chiropractic & Auto Injury can help address.

Improve Quality of Life

Those that engage in chiropractic treatment for workplace injuries find that their symptoms improve and their quality of life increases. When we experience a certain level of pain, it can be impossible to enjoy everyday activities. With chiropractic adjustments, you can find the relief you need to live the kind of life you want.

Neck Pain from Work Injury in Tigard, Oregon

Chiropractic care for professionals

Chiropractic Care for Computer Related Injuries

Chiropractors have high success rates helping people with work injuries. Repetitive stress injuries, such as sitting and working at a computer for long periods of time each day, are among the most common injuries we treat at Tigard Chiropractic & Auto Injury.

These injuries include: carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Joints that are misaligned cause swelling which can irritate surrounding nerves leading to multiple problems, so the sooner you receive proper care after a work injury, the easier it is to make a quick recovery.

We can also help you understand how to avoid re-injuring yourself as well as which common workplace injuries you’re prone to within your work routine. We love helping patients take a proactive approach to preventing injuries by altering their posture and behavior while performing repetitive tasks at work.

If performing routine tasks at work is causing pain, please contact our team of Chiropractors and we will assess your condition and help put you on the road to recovery.

Full-Care Treatment Plan

Chiropractic & Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation refers to a legal term which is related to state-mandated insurance programs, which provide compensation for employees who’ve suffered injury on the job. If you’ve sustained a work-related injury and workers’ compensation benefits cover medical expenses necessary towards treating your injury.

Sadly, many of those injuries in workplace accidents never make it to a Chiropractor. Their employer sets them up for a medical visit and they end up in physical therapy. While Physical Therapy is necessary for some patients, it leaves other struggling to recover properly.

Top 3 Workplace Injuries & Exposures

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • 1. Overexertion,  bodily reaction 31% 31%
  • 2. Falls, slips, trips 27.5% 27.5%
  • 3. Contact with objects/equipment 25.8% 25.8%

Workplace Injury Pain Relief

We’re here to help

When most people think of chiropractors, they know that we can help with back pain and neck pain, but a lot of our patients are surprised to discover that we can also reduce pain in other areas of the body. This holistic focus on whole body health & function is why chiropractors play a crucial role in the recovery of workers’ compensation injuries in Tigard, OR.

Although we work primarily on the spine, our expertise with the central nervous system, can help patients find a substantial reduction of pain all across the body. We achieve this by helping the central nervous system function as it was intended before the injury.

If you’re suffering for pain and stiffness from an injury sustained in a workplace accident Tigard Chiropractic & Auto Injury is here to help. Our practice has helped injured workers with a variety of techniques including:

  • Medication management
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Massage Therapy
  • A variety of pain relieving techniques

The office accepts Worker’s Comp and Auto injuries for same day appointments.

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Our Process

How We Help You Achieve Relief

Our step-by-step process for chiropractic treatment looks similar for all of our patients, but the adjustments and details of recovery are always personalized. We walk our patients through three distinct phases of recovery that are tailored to each individual. 

All of our treatment plans are curated based on test results, your prior health history, and initial consultation and exam, as well as your recovery goals. We help you achieve optimal wellness and recovery through the following process: 

Step 1: Relief

In the Relief phase, your most uncomfortable symptoms are addressed. Everyone’s body is unique, so our adjustments will target the most painful areas first. In addition to targeted adjustments, you may also engage in massage therapy appointments to aid in muscle relaxation and further promote recovery.

Step 2: Restore

In the Restore phase, you work closely with your chiropractor to create lifelong habits that will allow you to sustain recovery and prevent new or worsening injuries. Your plan in this phase may also include at-home exercises and lifestyle recommendations intended to help relieve and prevent sciatica.

Step 3: Rehab

The Rehab phase helps solidify the progress you made in the first two phases of treatment. Plans in this phase contain both passive and active recovery measures. Active recovery measures include implementing lifestyle changes, at-home exercises, posture changes, and other modifications. Passive recovery includes chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and other modalities where you allow a professional to work on your muscles and joints for you.

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Chiropractic treatment will help you achieve the long-lasting relief you deserve. Whether you are dealing with pain as a result of a work place injury, a car accident, sports injury, chronic illness, or other incidents, we are here to help!

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