If you have never received chiropractic care, you might be a little nervous about it. Naturally, anything related to your body and health that you aren’t familiar with yet can be worrisome. Fortunately, unlike a lot of other procedures, chiropractic care is extremely safe as well as effective.


First and foremost, you should expect relief from pain when you go to see a chiropractor. One does not typically seek out chiropractic care unless there is some type of pain, strain, or injury. Chiropractic work relieves that pain through natural, non-invasive methods. A lot of the process involves realigning muscles and releasing tension from misalignment. For many patients, chiropractic care is much more effective and safer than other procedures.


After your pain has been addressed, the next phase of chiropractic care is the restoration stage. During this stage, your chiropractor will work with you to build healthy habits that will protect your body from further misalignment, injury, and pain. This involves training the body and its muscles to be stronger and to hold the proper alignment. The habits that you will learn during this stage are often small-scale but have monumental effects on your long-term health.


Rehabilitation is the final phase of chiropractic care. During this stage, restored body movement and strength are brought together through a series of exercises. The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to get you to a place of full mobility without any pain. The rehabilitation process will start under the direction of a professional, but you will continue the process at home to further your recovery. It is important to remember that your recovery will only be as successful as you allow it to be. Following through with your at-home exercises and continuing to do strengthening exercises throughout your life will help you experience greater levels of health, mobility, flexibility, and reduced pain and injury.   

Of course, relief, restoration, and rehabilitation are just the basic steps of chiropractic care. Each person will experience chiropractic care differently because each body is unique. As you are going through chiropractic care, be sure to ask your chiropractor any questions you may have. You can also communicate your personal experience with the care to your chiropractor to ensure that it isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

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