Following or during a serious injury or pain, your body will need to recover. Rehabilitation is often necessary to get your body functioning regularly again. Before starting rehabilitation, you should determine what your body needs so you can use effective methods.

Type of Injury or Pain

The type of rehabilitation you will need is largely dependent on what type of injury or pain you have experienced. Different injuries and pains affect specific parts of the body. Different parts of your body will typically respond better to specialized treatment and rehabilitation methods. Before trying out rehabilitation methods, you should first learn all you can about your injury or pain. This may include doing your own research, consulting with people you know who have had the same issue, and talking with your doctor(s) about your condition.


Some forms of rehabilitation are classified as passive. In passive rehabilitation, you are not required to do much. Instead, you show up as a patient or client and have a rehabilitation specialist work on your body. Types of passive rehabilitation include chiropractic care, massage therapy, and electric stimulation. 


Other forms of rehabilitation are classified as active. These forms of rehabilitation require more action on your part. With help from rehabilitation specialists, you learn how to help your own body recover. Things that may aid in your recovery include lifestyle changes, stretches, dietary changes, and more overall attention paid to your health. Because active rehabilitation usually includes smaller changes that are scattered throughout your day, a more holistic recovery is achieved. Your body learns to be self-sufficient and stronger without much outside help. Active rehabilitation is usually paired with passive rehabilitation at the beginning of your recovery process. Then, as your body starts to recover, you can switch to active rehabilitation to maintain good health and prevent future injury. 

Knowing what methods of rehabilitation will work best for you can help you start feeling better faster. Instead of spending time figuring out which methods are more effective, you will start feeling relief from pain and increased mobility and health right away. As with any medical or health procedure, make sure that you are listening to your body when using any method of rehabilitation and adjust as needed.

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